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Microgaming has done it again with the latest edition of its classic scratch card game Six-Shooter Looter. Six-Shooter Looter Gold offers players higher top prizes, updated graphics and new audio to make the game more entertaining than ever. Microgaming puts out one of the top online casino software systems in the world, and they have recently been upgrading some of their best games. Many players have already expressed their elation with these new versions, dubbed Gold versions, and this game will, no doubt, also be a big hit.

Six-Shooter Looter Gold is a very simple game to learn, and the new graphics make it easy to follow. You play a cowboy who just needs to get to the bank where he keeps all of his money. However, he must overcome several obstacles in order to make it. The Native Americans are friendly enough, but once past the village, the cowboy finds that a gorge is blocking his usual route. He must take another path, but he cannot get past the fence. He has to follow the railway to get around the fence and make it to the bank. When he gets to the bank, a bandit is waiting to gun him down. With a bit of luck, you can help the Cowboy navigate through the obstacles and overcome the bank robber to reach the x25,000 multiplier jackpot.

To play the game, you have to first choose your stakes. You can wager from 0.50 credits to 10 credits per play. To get to the bank, the cowboy has to follow the path. The path is composed of three types of spaces. The blue planks are safe zones and allow the cowboy to continue on his way. The red planks adorned with bull skulls mean instant death. The spaces marked with piles of gold coins award you with cash prizes just for passing over them.

To move the cowboy, you have eight spins on the six-shooter. The cowboy is then obliged to move from one to six spaces. If you can get him to the bank in eight spins or less, you win the jackpot. If you do not make it to the bank, you can still win one of the following multiplier prizes: x2, x5, x7, 15, x40, x1,000 or x10,000. To play a new game, all you have to do is place your bet and start spinning.

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