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Six-Shooter Looter Review

Six-Shooter Looter is an exciting, interactive game from Microgaming. The Microgaming software system is used by online casinos throughout the world and is known for its wide variety of games. Six-Shooter Looter is in the category of instant win games, but it is much more than a standard scratch ticket. It plays like a board game, so you can have some fun on the way to winning big cash prizes.

Six-Shooter Looter has superb graphics and amusing sound effects, making the game enjoyable even if you walk away without a prize. In the game, you control the fate of a cowboy in the American Old West. You have to get the cowboy down the trail and to the bank where a x25,000 jackpot awaits. However, several dangerous obstacles stand in the way of the cowboy achieving his goal. Not only does he has to deal with hostile natives and runaway trains, but once he nears the bank, a dirty outlaw is waiting to put a few bullets in him.

Before you start the game, you must first decide on your wager. You can bet as little as 0.50 credits or as much as 10 credits per game. When you have decided on your bet, just click on the New Game button. The cowboy is now ready to roll. To know how many spaces he can move, you have to spin the chamber of a six-shooter. The cowboy then moves from one to six spaces, as per the roll, and you have a total of eight rolls to get the cowboy to the bank.

The path is made up of colored spaces: blue, red and gold. Blue spaces pose no threat, and they let the cowboy continue on his way to the bank. Red spaces adorned with steer skulls are danger areas. If you land on any of these, the cowboy meets his maker, ending the game. Gold spaces are winning multipliers. These spaces grow in value the closer you get to the bank, and to win, all you have to do is pass them. Once you pass them, the prize is yours to keep, even if you do not make it to the bank.

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Six-Shooter Looter Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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