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Developed by Microgaming, Cool Buck is an online slot machine that features three reels, five bet lines, a six-symbol set and four special features. The game uses an effective cartoon style, including an engaging dollar bill character, and the emphasis is on fast, streamlined play.


Players can set the coin size from $0.25 to $25 activating all the five paylines by using the plus and minus buttons. The default coin size is usually $1, but keep in mind that the default can vary between casinos. With the coin size set, use the Bet One button to choose between one to five coins in play. Finally, click the Spin button, or bettors wagering the max can take a shortcut by using the Bet Max button. An Expert mode is also available, and activated, it allows for automated spins and faster spins.

Special Features

The Cool Buck symbol set includes dollar signs, sevens, triple bars, double bars, single bars and cherries. The cherry symbol has an Any One and Any Two feature attached to it, which means that you can win one or two coins with just one or two cherries on an active payline. The game also features an Any Bar component, which means that you win four coins with any combination of bar symbols on an active payline. Finally, the jackpot symbol, the dollar sign, also serves as a wild symbol and can substitute for any other symbol in the set.

Graphics and Audio

Although the graphic design is unique, Cool Buck uses the default music and sound effects that Microgaming has created for the Classic Slot series. The sound package is arcade-y and very authentic, but players who tire of it can disable with an easily accessed mute feature.


The bet line dictates the jackpot. Therefore, the jackpot is 1000 on line one, 2000 on line two, 3000 on line three, 4000 on line four and 6000 on line five. Since the player can actually hit the jackpot, or any combination, on all five lines, the overall top jackpot is 16,000 coins. At the maximum bet, that means that the jackpot is worth as much as $80K.

Overall Impressions

Cool Buck is a fun, lucrative slot game and excellent addition to the Microgaming’s classic series. Note that since the game provides a 1,000-coin jackpot bump at line five, the best possible odds are achieved with a five-coin bet. That means that you’ll have to wager at least $1.25 per spin. Check this link to try more free slots!

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