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Cracker Jack Review

Cracker Jack is a classic-style slot machine and one of the very best looking games in Microgaming’s classic slot series. It follows the series formula, for the most part, and has three spinning reels, one bet line, a two-column payout table and the possibility of off-center symbols.


As one would expect from fruit machines and pub slots, the gameplay is straightforward. Choose to bet one or two coins, and choose a coin size as low as $0.25 or as high as $5. Note that while most of the machines in the classic slot series have a two-column paytable that scales evenly, this one doesn’t. The jackpot at two coins is worth 2.5 times more, which makes a single-coin bet a bad play from an odds standpoint.

Special Features

In addition to being the jackpot symbol, the Cracker Jack symbol is wild and has a cumulative multiplier of x2. In other words, a winning combo that uses one wild pays out x2 and one that uses two wilds pays out x4. Other special features include any bar, any two firecracker and any one firecracker. Note that any one firecracker is only available on one-coin bets, but that advantage doesn’t offset the jackpot disparity mentioned earlier.

Graphics and Audio

Cracker Jack is one of the newest machines in this series, and it shows. The palette is diverse and modern, all of the colors really pop, and the symbol set looks great. The authentic sound effects are some of the best aspects of Microgaming’s classic series, and there are even some new effects included here for your enjoyment.


Three Cracker Jack symbols on the middle line awards the jackpot, which is 2,000 coins on a one-coin bet and 5,000 coins on a two-coin bet. At the max coin size, the max jackpot is $25,000. Purple sevens are the second most valuable symbols and with wilds in play can pay out as much as 800 coins.


Cracker Jack is one of our favorite slot machines in Microgaming’s classic slot series. It’s worth noting, however, that this one deviates from the series’ formula a bit. Generally, Microgaming’s classics are usually a good play at $0.25, but here, it doesn’t make any sense to play for anything less than $0.50. That’s still not out of the low roller’s comfort zone, and if it’s a bet size that you’re comfortable with, then this is a machine that we’d definitely recommend as a regular play.

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Cracker Jack Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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