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Jewel Thief Review

Jewel Thief is a three reel slot game about stealing precious jewels. The color scheme is bright, loud and colorful, with a cartoonish jewel thief toting a massive diamond under the game’s name. The betting range is flexible for a three-reel game, but the minimum bet starts at 25 cents. Another unusual factor is that this slot has three paylines that stack your payouts. This slot’s greatest player advantages are its high payout rate and its fast pace, both of which are why people play three reel slot games in the first place.


The symbols in Jewel Thief are not as flashy or diverse as those in five reel games, but there are also not as many of them, making it easier to remember the important ones. Unlike most three-reel slots, this one has a wild symbol. The Jewel Thief logo serves as the wild symbol, and it fills in for any other symbol in the game. The wild is particularly useful because there only three reels, and it can stand in for as many as two. Three wilds in a row is the combination for the top jackpot.


The minimum coin size is 25 cents, and you can spin with only one coin activating a payline. Alternatively, you can bet as much as $15 using three coins across all of the paylines. Payouts are proportionately higher when you play with more coins. For instance, the maximum payout is 1,500 coins when you activate one payline, but it is 6,000 when you activate three paylines. As such, it is often a good idea to play with smaller coins on all three paylines than to use larger bets on one payline.

Even a novice can play Jewel Thief comfortably. Its lack of a bonus game means that you can simply spin without having to worry about playing the bonus incorrectly or failing to capitalize on a playing opportunity that you don’t know is there.

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Jewel Thief Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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