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Halloweenies Review

Bright and engaging, the Halloweenies slot game can be played with an easy-to-install program on any PC. Mac users can enjoy the game from an Internet-based Flash platform. Some Mac users may be frustrated by the quick time outs caused by the online platform. Playing continually ensures that there will be no need to reload the Flash page.

Halloweenies lets players take advantage of scatters by allowing the selection of up to 20 lines during the betting process. In addition, scatters pay out in any direction. Bright pink bunnies are eye-catching and make it easy to see when a scatter win is forthcoming. Players who love to maximize on their bets will appreciate that scatter wins are multiplied by all bets staked.

Glowing orange pumpkins represent a bonus win. Visually dynamic, the pumpkins make it easy to track a potential bonus win. Payouts aren't displayed clearly on the main screen, but can be easily accessed by clicking on a black-and-purple tombstone icon. The potential to win with scatters in any direction can lead to a quick increase in payout.

Players can choose to bet in increments from one cent to five cents. A clearly-labeled max bet button makes betting the maximum amount possible on every line quick and easy. All wins are multiplied by the coins staked on the winning line. Wins are always read from left to right. An on-screen user's guide break down the various wild card symbols and their payout values. It is easy to navigate to this screen and causes minimal disruption to overall play.

An expert mode of the game is available for experienced slots players. It boasts the same features as the original Halloweenies game, but adds an auto play option. A control screen allows players to choose how many spins the program will take. The average bet amount can also be adjusted from this screen.

All in all, Halloweenies provides for fun slot play. All text and graphics stand out against a dark background. Lines and bet amounts can be adjusted quickly and easily. The graphics are well-rendered and complement the slot game's Halloween theme.

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Halloweenies Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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