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Crypt Crusade Gold


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The name of the game in Crypt Crusade Gold is adventure. This instant win game is amazingly fun to play. Unlike other instant win games where you just scratch off symbols or click a button, you get to play a character. Crypt Crusade Gold is played like a classic board game. You are an adventurer exploring a crypt filled with traps and gold. If you can manage to avoid the pitfalls without running out of steam, you will eventually reach the jackpot treasure. Along the way, you will pick up winnings that keep on growing the closer you get to the big treasure chest in the center.

Crypt Crusade Gold is actually a new version of the older Crypt Crusade from Microgaming. This game was so popular that Microgaming decided it needed to be revamped with new and improved graphics and upgraded with prizes that are more generous.

Even though the game is very exciting, it is extremely simple to play. Crypt Crusade Gold does not have set prize amounts. Instead, it uses multiples, so you have to begin by placing a wager. The minimum bet is 0.50 credits and ranges up to 10 credits. Once you have selected your bet, the game is played by spinning the needle of a compass numbered from one to six. You are given eight spins to complete your adventure and make it to the treasure. After you spin, the needle will stop on a number, which determines how many steps your adventurer must take on the path winding around the board.

Some of the steps on the path are simply safe zones, but others are traps. If you land on a trap, the game immediately ends, and you can try again by placing a new wager. If you land on a safe zone, then you get to use another spin. Prize spaces are also available along the path. The good thing about the prize spaces is that you do not have to land on them to win the prize. All you have to do is pass over them. Once you win a prize, it is yours to keep, even if you meet your demise along the way.

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