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If you love the martial arts and the thrill of winning big jackpots, the Hand to Hand Combat scratch card game is not one to miss. Instant win scratch cards are not always the most exciting type of video casino game that you can play, but this one is an exception to the rule.

The game features a faceoff between yourself and a randomized virtual opponent. As you exchange steely glares, you both get into your stance and wait for the signal to begin. When the signal sounds, you and your opponent engage in a heated battle of classic rock, paper and scissors.

Hand to Hand Combat provides you with five chances to overtake your opponent and win a prize. That means, if luck is with you, then you can win five times in a single game. The game is set up with your five Chinese coins in a column on the left side, your opponent’s five coins on the right and a prize note between each.

You begin by scratching off one coin on the top row and then the other. If you win the round, then you can scratch off the prize note to see what you have won. Alternately, you can reveal what is at stake before beginning the battle. If you do not win the first fight, you still have four more chances to prove yourself.

The game follows the classic rules of rock, paper and scissors:

  • Paper beats rock
  • Rock beats scissors
  • Scissors beat paper

Payouts are very basic in Hand to Hand Combat, but in no way does that mean they are insubstantial. The lowest payout is a 0.1 multiplier. From there, payouts rise to a 0.2 multiplier, a 0.5 multiplier and all the way up to a 20 times jackpot multiplier. The maximum bet on Hand to Hand Combat is 10 credits, so you have the potential to win 200 credits on each fight. If you are lucky enough and skilled enough, you can hit the jackpot on all five fights, which awards you with the maximum card payout of 1,000 credits.

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