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In a slots world where a majority of the games are designed to appeal to male players, the ladies demand a little attention as well. That might be the reason Microgaming designed its Cutesy Pie classic slot more than 9 years ago. With that said, this is a rather disappointing game with a standard slot machine game screen and nothing in the way of bonus features.

The game's mascot is a cute Panda Bear, which should have the ladies cooing. They might also enjoy seeing hearts being used to replace the cherries that are usually found on fruit slot games. The game's only saving grace is an unusually high maximum jackpot of $37,500.

Cutesy pie is a standard 3-reel slot game with a single pay line in the middle. Players can wager between 1 to 3 coins per spin with a coin value ranging between $.25, up to a maximum value of $5.00. Based on those valuations, the game's betting range is between $.25 and $15.00. With a game high jackpot of 2,500 coins, players can win $37,500 with a maximum bet.

The ladies should enjoy the game's symbols that come in pastel colors. With seven different symbols in the offering, the highest paying pay table looks like this: one heart returns 6 coins, two hearts returns 15 coins, three hearts returns 30 coins, any three bars returns 15 coins, three single bars returns 30 coins, three double bars returns 60 coins, three triple bars returns 90 coins, three white 7s returns 120 coins, three gold sevens returns 240 coins and three blue 7s returns a game high payout of 2,500 coins.

Verdict: For all the lady slot players out in the marketplace, this game kind of game represents a slap in the face. It is very unlike Microgaming to just throw a slot game into its portfolio without some type of hook to draw the interest of players. The fact is this game was designed for the ladies and it has nothing in the offering except a large maximum jackpot.

Without a bonus feature to add a little intrigue to the game, experienced players are going to find this game to be a waste of time, especially with so many other slots out on the market that have bonus games and progressive jackpots. This reviewer cannot recommend this game to anyone.

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