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Heads or Tails Review

Heads or Tails is a game by Playtech that is exclusive to Internet casinos. As the name suggests, the objective of the game is to guess whether a coin is going to land head-side or tail-side up. At its most basic, it is a just a 50-50 bet and the kind of casino game one would only find online .


The default bet is just $0.10, but players can increase the stake to $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50, $0.75 or even $1. By default, the game flips just one coin, and the player wins or loses based on that one flip. If the player loses, the entire stake is lost, and if the player wins, then the game pays out 1.9. In other words, if the player bets $1 and wins, $1.90 is returned to the bankroll. This means that the house edge on an otherwise 50-50 bet is 5 percent.

In addition to flipping a single coin, the game allows the player to bet on either a two-coin or three-coin series. If a player picked tails, then tails would have to come up two times or three times in a row in order to win. The payout out on a two-coin series is 3.8 but the probability is now 25 percent. The payout on a three-coin series is 7.5 but the probability is 0.125 and the house edge is increased to 6.25 percent.

The game also allows the player to play two coins at a time, and this applies to single, double and triple flips. Unlike the series, this does not have an effect on odds or house edge bur rather just allows the player to gamble at a faster rate.

Graphics & Audio

Heads or Tails is easily one of the least interesting Playtech games we have ever played in terms of graphics and audio. It is as if Playtech knew that so few would ever play this that it simply was not worth the time and money to produce anything more creative.


The highest single-turn payout is $15, and that requires playing a three-coin series and two coins at a time for $1 per coin or $2 overall.


Heads or Tails is a very boring game. Perhaps we could deal with boring if the odds were attractive, but these are not. Maybe if one has had too much to drink and simply wants to pass the time without burning through his bankroll too fast, this game serves a use. If you prefer to try more free games of chance, visit this page. To discover the best online slot machines, please click here.

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Heads or Tails Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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