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Dawn of the Bread is the most original instant win game ever to be released by Microgaming. Microgaming has developed several new online scratch card games recently in an effort to revitalize their catalog and attract new players. Microgaming is the software platform of choice for more than 100 online casinos, and the company has built a reputation on offering players games that are innovative and unique.

Dawn of the Bread is the perfect example of one of Microgaming's unique instant win games. The game was released for Halloween, but they decided to keep it year round because it is so popular. The game is based on a zombie with a dream. However, that dream is to bake fresh bread. In order to achieve his dream, the zombie has opened his own bakery, and he can bake nine loaves of bread simultaneously in his oven.

Luckily for you, this zombie also likes to play games. If you want to play his game, then you have to eat all nine loaves of bread as they come out of the oven. By eating the bread, you will discover the secret ingredient hidden within each loaf. If three of the nine loaves of bread use the same secret ingredient, then the zombie baker will give you a prize. The amount of the prize is determined by the secret ingredient and by how much you are willing to stake on the bet. The six secret ingredients the zombie uses in his bread and their values are as follows:

  • Beetles – x2 multiplier
  • Grubs – x5 multiplier
  • Rats – x10 multiplier
  • Human teeth – x100 multiplier
  • Human hearts – x2,500 multiplier
  • Eyeballs – x10,000 multiplier

Before you can play the game, the zombie asks that you make a bet in an amount ranging from 0.50 credits to 10 credits. Once you have decided on your bet, you can click the New Card button to begin the game. To play, you can click on each loaf of bread to reveal the secret ingredients, or you can click the Reveal All button to save yourself some time. If you are a winner, then the zombie lets you know with a nerve-wrenching laugh.

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