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Double Double Bonus


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Double Double Bonus is a video poker variant by Microgaming that pays out with jacks or better. The name does not refer to the doubling opportunity present at the end of each winning hand but rather that many four-of-a-kind hands have had their payouts doubled over standard Jacks or Better.

About Double Double Bonus

Double Double Bonus is a Jacks or Better variant and before you play it make sure you already read Jacks or Better rules. It does not pay out as well as 9/5 video poker, but since those machines are nonexistent online, it serves as a lucrative alternative to the standard game. Where it distinguishes itself most is in the itemization of four-of-a-kinds in the payout table. Four aces alongside a 2, 3 or 4 are particularly lucrative being worth eight times as much as a standard four-of-a-kind.


Gameplay will be instantly familiar to anyone has played video poker. The player first chooses a coin size and then opts to play one through five coins. The number of coins in play dictates the payout column. The deal button begins the round. The game will automatically identify the best cards to hold in terms of probability, but the player can override that decision. Once hold choices are in place, the user clicks the draw button to conclude the hand and determine if they have won.

Special Features

If the hand is a winning hand, the player will have the option to collect or double. If double is selected, the game deals five cards with one card face up. The player then chooses one of the facedown cards in the hopes of drawing a higher value. If so, the player doubles their winnings. Otherwise, they lose it all. There is no limit on the number of times that the player can gamble on a single hand in this manner.


Having five coins in play provides the best odds and awards 4,000 coins on a jackpot. Since 1.25 is the small coin size, that requires a 6.25 bet. The maximum bet is 25, and at that bet level, the jackpot is worth 20,000.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics and audio emulate the style that is still used on most video poker machines. Some may consider it outdated, but fans of video poker enjoy and expect that classic approach.

Overall Impressions

Double Double Bonus is one of the most popular video poker games online for good reason, and if you enjoy Jacks or Better, then there is no good reason not to play Double Double Bonus or at least work it into your rotation.

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