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Granny Prix Review

Granny Prix is one of the most hilarious instant win games ever to be released by Microgaming. Microgaming is one of the world's premier online software developers, and they have expended a great deal of effort in expanding their offering of online scratch tickets. The company has made playing scratch tickets fun and exciting by introducing the latest animation and sound effects to the genre.

Although Granny Prix is in the style of a traditional scratch game, it is a very entertaining game that can hold your attention for several plays. The Granny Prix is a car race like none other because the drivers are all elderly grandmothers. A total of six grannies have entered the race, and each one has her own set of colors and odds of winning.

The Granny Prix ticket is a nine-panel matching game. You have to scratch the nine panels in the three-by-three grid to reveal the drivers hidden beneath. If you match three drivers anywhere on the ticket, then you are a winner. The prize you win is dependent upon the granny you match and how much you wagered before the game began. The six grannies in the Granny Prix and their values are as follows:

  • Red granny – x2 multiplier
  • Green granny – x3 multiplier
  • Blue granny – x5 multiplier
  • Purple granny – x12 multiplier
  • Yellow granny – x100 multiplier
  • Orange granny – x2,500 multiplier

Before you can start the Granny Prix, you have to place your wager. The minimum wager is 0.50 credits, but you can bet all the way up to 10 credits if you are feeling lucky. On a 10-credit bet, you can win from 20 credits to 25,000 credits, which is the jackpot prize.

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Granny Prix Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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