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Dragon's Fortune

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Dragon's Fortune Review

Dragon's Fortune is the perfect online instant win game for anyone who enjoys the folklore of the Far East. This game is not about the fire-breathing dragons of European origin but about the dragons from the mythology of ancient China. The particular dragon here is a beautifully rendered red dragon with a golden, flowing mane. The dragon is depicted flying high above a Chinese forest with majestic mountains in the background, and instead of breathing fire, the dragon in this game can spit valuable pearls.

The dragon in Dragon's Fortune tries to keep to himself, for the most part, but he has one weakness: He likes to make friendly wagers with humans. This dragon has devised an interesting game based on his unique talent for spitting pearls, and you are invited to play. At the start of the game, you must place your bet with the dragon. He takes bets that range from 0.50 credits to 10.00 credits. After that, gameplay may commence with the click of a button.

The dragon has eight different pearls in his repertoire. When you click the Play button, he begins spitting out pearls one at a time until he has released a total of six. The dragon spits the pearls at a horizontally placed gong, which produces a tone as each pearl strikes it. The pearls then bounce off the gong and into a wooden display. If two of the six pearls are identical, then you win a prize based on the color of the matching pearls and the amount of your wager.

The prize multipliers for the eight different pearls are as follows:

  • Yellow – x2
  • Silver – x3
  • Pink – x10
  • Purple – x100
  • Red – x250
  • Green – x1,000
  • Blue – x10,000
  • Gold – x20,000

Dragon's Fortune is fun to play, and it offers a wider range of payouts than the average online scratch ticket. Many online games only have six different payouts, and some of them start at a multiplier of one, which means you do not really win anything. In addition, many other scratch tickets have a top jackpot of 2,500 credits, whereas the top jackpot on Dragon's Fortune is an astonishing 200,000 credits.

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Dragon's Fortune Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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