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Play at Fruit Salad, 5 reels free online slot


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If someone was going to name an online classic fruit slot game, what better name could there possibly be other than Fruit Salad. At least, that’s exactly what one of the game developers at Microgaming thought when they designed this game. From the player’s point of view, it’s always nice to know exactly what to expect when a classic slot game is presented as an option.

The first thing that a player is going to notice on this rather simplistic game is the bright color scheme. It’s like having a box full of rainbows explode all over the screen. There is nothing special about the game’s audio feature, but Fruit Salad does come with a wild symbol, which is kind of unusual for this type of slot. The game’s format includes 3-reels and 3 pay lines. The minimum bet is $.25 per pay line up to a maximum bet of $5.00. The player is only allowed to wager one coin per line, which translates to a cash out range of $.25 up to $15.00.

The game’s symbols and corresponding multipliers are as follows: any bar – 7X, red bar – 15X, purple bar – 30X, gold bar – 80X, oranges – 150X and pomegranates – 300X. The game’s wild symbol is represented by a bowl of fruit salad, which substitutes for any other symbols. The wild symbol also holds the key to the game’s largest payouts. If the player completes one line of wild symbols, the payout multiplier comes back at 1500X. If they land two pay lines of wild symbols, the payout multiplier comes back at 3000X. Finally, a full house of fruit salads is going to be worth a payout multiplier of 5000X. If the player has wagered the largest amount possible, they can win an exciting jackpot of $25,000. Not bad for a simple 3-reel one-armed bandit.

Verdict: This reviewer found Fruit Salad to be a nice little game. There is something about colorful game faces that makes a player feel good about their prospects of winning. The game logo and symbols are well designed, which gives the game plenty of life. Given the game’s betting range, a player can stay in action for a long time while trying to land the big prize. There are much worse ways to spend the afternoon than playing classic slots. If this ends up being the game of choice, the player might end up pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed the adventures, especially if they win.

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