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Electro Bingo

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Electro Bingo Review

Electro Bingo is either an ultramodern, futuristic version of the age-old game we all know and love or a throwback to the world of 1970s disco. It is up to you to decide. The game is filled with single-tube neon signs, and it uses glowing, green bingo balls that practically jump from the screen. This flashy design helps to make the game much more exciting than the standard parlor version.

Electro Bingo allows you to play from one to four cards per game, and you can bet from 0.10 credits to 5 credits per card. This means you can play casually and test the game for only 0.10 credits, and when you are really feeling lucky, you can raise the stakes to 20 credits. When playing at the maximum bet, the top jackpot is a very generous 100,000 credits.

Gameplay is easy to learn on Electro Bingo. Your cards each have 15 numbers in three rows of five, and the game has a total of 60 numbered balls. After you decide how many cards you will play and the amount of your wager, you click the play button. This activates the hopper, and it releases 30 balls into the neon viewing area at the bottom of the screen. Once the balls drop, the game goes through your cards and tabulates any matches. If any matches have been made, they are immediately added to your balance.

To make Electro Bingo more exciting, the game offers you a second chance when you are only one number from making a match. When this happens, you are alerted to the match, and given the option of buying an extra ball. You can buy up to 10 extra balls before the game comes to an end.

Electro Bingo makes it easy to win with 14 different payout patterns. In addition, you can win multiple times per game on a single card as long as the patterns do not intersect with each other. The payout per pattern starts with a three times multiplier, and it goes all the way up to a 20,000 times multiplier for matching all numbers on a card with the first 30 balls.

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Electro Bingo Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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