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Fairy Ring Review

Fairy Ring is a classic online video slot by Microgaming. The theme is about fairies, mushrooms, butterflies, and a wondrous forest of magic. The background is done in rich greens, reds and oranges. The sounds are a nice combination of tranquil and playful. There are only six symbols, which actually means that you will win more frequently than on other machines. The betting limits are quite flexible for a three reel game.

Also, this slot has three paylines rather than one, so it may take some getting used to at first. Another neat feature is the game’s wild symbol. Fairy Ring has an automatic-spin game that will save you a lot of time and headaches over the long haul. If you like three reel games without intermissions, holding or nudging, you should enjoy playing this video slot.

There are five coin values that you can assign in Fairy Ring. The lowest is 25 cents. The next coin sizes are 50 cents, $1, $2 and $5. You can bet one coin on each of the three paylines, so the maximum bet for a single spin is $15. The payout ratio is the same when you activate the first two paylines, but you gain an extra 500 coins when you activate the third payline. The top jackpot when the first payline is activated is set at 1,500 coins. Activating the second payline yields a top jackpot of 3,000 coins. The highest possible jackpot is 5,000 coins, which is $25,000 when you bet the maximum.

Most games without holding or nudging features and bonus rounds tend to have automatic spins. The automatic spins cost nothing extra, and you can use them to streamline your playing experience. You can manually enter how much money you are willing to lose before the game shuts down. You can also set a limit for how much you would like to make before the game freezes, locking in your profits. If you set the game to spin indefinitely, it will keep going until you hit the jackpot or you hit one of your pre-entered stops.

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Fairy Ring Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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