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Fantastic 7’s is a classic slot game that features two kinds of sevens, three kinds of bar symbols and cherries, which was a common arrangement when these classic machines were common at brick-and-mortar casinos. Most of the games in Microgaming’s classic series allow up to two coins per line, but this one allows three, which makes in an interesting alternative in the collection. Visit this page to try the 3 reel slots collection, and this to try +250 free slots directly from your browser.


Click the plus or minus buttons to adjust the coin size as low as $0.25 or as high $5. Then click the Bet One button to cycle the coin count from one to three. Finally, click Spin to play the round. You’ll notice that the onscreen pay-table has three columns, which represent the coins in play. If you play three coins, you’ll use the red column, which is rightmost.

Special Features

Fantastic 777 is a true classic in that it doesn’t have any special features other than the any features, which apply to the sevens, bar symbols and cherries. For cherries, the any feature allows you to win with just one or two cherries on the line. For bars, it allows you to win with a three-symbol combination of single, double and triple bars. For sevens, the feature allows you to mix and match red and multicolored sevens to form three-symbol combinations.

Graphics and Audio

Microgaming does virtual versions of traditional slot machines very well, and this particular game is among the cream of the crop. The game looks and sounds right, and most players will be particularly impressed by the authentic sound effects and reel action.


With a one-, two- or three-coin bet, the jackpot payout is 500, 1K or 2.5K coins. As you notice, the payout with three coins is significantly higher, which means that, unless playing entirely for fun, you’ll always want to bet at least three coins per spin.


Not only is Fantastic 7’s authentic and great fun to play, it provides many opportunities to win. You won’t always win a lot, but you certainly won’t go long in between wins. Most Microgaming classics allow you to play at $0.25 without sacrificing odds. Here, the odds demand that you bet at least $0.75, which may be a little too rich for the many low rollers who love the classics. If it’s it not too rich for your blood, however, then this is an excellent play that lets you win $625 with just $0.75 on the line.

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