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Frost Bite is a three reel, double-payline slot with several features that set it apart from classic slots and fruit machines. The theme is based on frost, snow and winter, and the color scheme is done in light blues, white and turquoise. The base payout is slightly below average, but the actual payout rate is as high or higher than those of most slots due to the special symbols.

The game’s expert mode also has some useful features. There is not a free-spin game or a bonus game, but Frost Bite still packs a lot of features into one three-reel game. You will enjoy this slot if you like the pace of three-reel games and the variety of five reel games.

The minimum coin size is 25 cents, and you can bet one coin on each of the two paylines. The maximum coin size is $5, bringing the maximum bet for a single spin to $10. There is no proportional payout spike for the second payline, so whether or not you activate both paylines will not dramatically affect your payout rate. The maximum jackpot is 1,600 coins, which is $8,000 if you bet the maximum when you trigger it.

Most three reel slot games do not have special symbols, but Frost Bite has a wild symbol, a scatter and a multiplier. The wild symbol also serves as a multiplier. Getting this symbol on your reels will help to complete partial combinations and multiply their payouts as if you had bet more. The scatter symbols do not activate a free-spin game, but they do give you wins from anywhere on the reels if you get enough of them.

Expert mode allows you to automatically spin without clicking. You simply enter your wager settings and allow the game to do all of the work for you. There are also other modes that you can use that allow you to spin five times in a row with one click. Because there is not a bonus game, you can set Frost Bite to keep on spinning until you hit the jackpot.

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