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Fruit Bingo Review

Fruit Bingo is not really a digital bingo game; instead, it is a three-reel fruit slot machine that has a secondary bonus bingo-like game. As is standard for a three-reel fruit machine, it only has one payline. Fruit machines like this one look less complex than their five-reel counterparts, but they actually have a great range of player options compared to most slots. For instance, fruit machines have holding and nudging options that allow players to manipulate the outcomes of their spins, turning partial wins into actual wins.

While playing a game such as this one may require more attention on the part of the player, it has the potential to be more lucrative with perfect play. By pairing this dynamic fruit machine with a bonus bingo-like game, the designers have combined a more skill-based primary game with a bonus game of pure luck, which makes for an entertaining juxtaposition.

While there are only five winning combinations, there are multipliers that can enhance any wins that you get. One of the symbols—the three cherries symbol—doubles your win amount for a combination. On the other side of the scale, the gold stars will multiply your win by 500, making it a very important symbol in the game. There is a special sixth symbol, in addition to the five standard symbols, that activates the bonus game. The special Fruit Bingo logo comes around every once in a while, so be ready to play some bingo when it pops up.

The top payout is pretty high for a fruit machine, at $5,000, but that is before additional multipliers and bonuses have been figured in. Also, there is still the bonus bingo game that can definitely add to your bankroll. The payout range is also pretty standard when compared to five-reel games.

While a five-reel game might have a range of anywhere from $0.01 to $250 for minimum and maximum bets, Fruit Bingo keeps its minimum at $0.10 and its maximum at $10. And, because there is only one payline, you do not need to mull over which of the 25 or more paylines to bet certain amounts on; on this machine, your total bet is always the exact amount shown.

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Fruit Bingo Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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