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This slot celebrates the new year all year round. This game is actually based on Chinese New Year, and the background is primarily red and yellow. The symbols depict Chinese-style fireworks and firecrackers that fizzle and pop of their own accord. For a three-reel game, this one has a lot of clutter on the front screen, but there is some order to the chaos. The pay schedule is to the right of the reels on the front screen, and it shows you which combinations pay you the most.

Like some of Microgaming’s other three-reel slots (click for the complete list), this one has five paylines, and the payouts go up with each additional coin that you add. Furthermore, there is a proportional payout bonus when you hit the jackpot on the fifth payline. This is not a three-reel game for low-stakes players. In order to win a lot, you may have to bet a lot, but this fast-paced game may be exactly what you are looking for.

Happy New Year has a massive betting range for a three reel slot. Playing at the lowest limits will not typically pay out at a favorable rate, but betting somewhere in the middle or near the maximum may be worth your time and money. You can place a bet with 1 cent on a single payline. There is an allowance of one coin for each of the five paylines. There are several other coin sizes, but the maximum is $25.

If you activate all five paylines with $25 coins, you can place a bet as high as $125, which is as high as those in many five reel slots. The top jackpot is 2,400 coins, which is $60,000 if you bet the maximum. The effective payout rate is somewhere between 95 and 96 percent, and there is no bonus game, so this rate will stay consistent regardless of how you play.

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