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Harveys Review

Harveys is one of the most compelling video slot machines where you can win some big jackpots. Its theme is based around food and culinary art, with mouthwatering dishes for symbols rather than the standard bars and cherries you see in other games. The maximum jackpot is set at $10,000, but that amount can be significantly augmented in your favor if you happen to win it during a free-spin game.

This slot has five reels and a whopping 25 paylines, each of which can be activated by an individual coin. While it may sound like you need to spend a lot to play for a lot, the coin limits are quite favorable; you can bet as little as $0.01 on a coin or as much as $0.20.

Also, there are almost no games on the Internet that allow you to bet as many as 500 coins on a single spin. Apart from the free-spin game, there are other symbols and features that multiply your wins, so you do not have to bet $100 to get rich. This game is a non-progressive slot and it is not a fruit machine, so you do not get to hold and nudge combinations. Play Harveys if you want to jump on the opportunity to bet 500 coins on every spin.

The free-spin game is one of the best offered in any slot because it gives you 30 free spins rather than between the five and 15 that others offer. You activate the free-spin rounds by getting the champagne icon on the second and fourth reels at the same time. Anything that you win during the free-spin cycle can be multiplied by as many as 25 times, though the average is lower than that. Also, the free-spin game can be re-triggered, so it is technically possible to get more than 100 free spins in a row with multiplied wins.

Other features that make Harveys fun to play include its wild symbol, multiplier, scatter and the animated sequences when you win. The wild symbols can act as substitutes for other symbols when you have combinations that are very nearly there. The scatter symbols can turn mismatched paylines into cash.

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Harveys Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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