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Jacks or Better is the original video poker format and still one of the most popular. Originally called Draw Poker, the Jacks or Better name distinguishes it from the traditional poker game. Online, this Microgaming edition distinguishes itself by accurately emulating the classic electronic game.

About Jacks or Better

In video poker, the machine deals the player five cards. The player can then choose to hold all, some or none of those initial cards. A second deal phase, if necessary, ensures a full five-card hand. At that point, a winning hand is determined based on the posted pay table. Jacks or Better is called such because jacks or better is the lowest-value winning hand, and it lets the player break even. The rules of Jacks Or Better are very simple. Play and win!


The player can choose to play one through five coins, and the coin sizes range from 1.25 to 5. By default, the machine is configured for the maximum bet. To begin a hand, the player clicks the deal button. After the hold phase, the player clicks the draw button to continue. During the initial hand, the game will auto-hold wins, such as a pair of jacks. If the hand is a winning hand, the player can click the collect button to accept their winnings or click the double button for an added opportunity.

Special Features

The double button initiates the special feature that is included with all Microgaming video poker machines. The feature is a chance to go double or nothing. The machine deals one face-up card and four facedown cards. The player then choose one of the facedown cards. If the value of the selected card is higher than the card dealt face up, the player doubles their winnings and can choose to collect or double again. If the value is equal to or less than, the player loses it all.


The jackpot depending on the number of coins played is 250, 500, 750, 1K and 4K coins. The added bonus at the five-coin level makes it the preferred option. At the maximum bet of 25, the jackpot is 20K, and at the minimum five-coin bet of 6.25, the jackpot is 5K.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics and audio used by Microgaming emulate the classic pub-style video poker games. The layout and 8-bit graphics are wonderfully 1980s, and the sound effects are very electronic and authentic. The game does not play music, and the sound effects are only used when necessary.

Overall Impressions

Jacks or Better is the traditional video poker game, and video poker enthusiasts cannot do better than this version by Microgaming. It even has a return rate of 99.54 percent, which is not quite at the 9/6 offered in casinos but better than most of the other options online.

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