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The 50-Line Jacks or Better game by Playtech is an online video poker machine. In addition to being a take on the original, purest form of video poker, the machine plays the game 50 hands at a time. Before you start the games read more about Jacks Or Better best strategies on our blog.


The game offers three coin sizes: $0.25, $0.50 and $1. You must set the coin size and then, like with standard Jacks or Better, choose to play one to five coins per hand. The paytable is nearly standard and scales evenly for the most part, but there is a significant bonus at the royal flush level when playing five coins. Use the plus and minus button to set the coin size, the Bet One button to choose the number of coins per hand and the Deal button to begin the round. Keep in mind that you are playing 50 hands at a time, which means that if you choose five coins at $0.25 per, the total bet will be $62.50. The smallest possible bet per round is $12.50, and the largest is $250.

Special Features

The 50-Line Jacks or Better game deals you a single five-card hand, and that hand is mirrored on the big board of 50 hands. You must then make hold and discard choices, which are then also mirrored. You must press Deal again to begin the second half of the game and then the game deals the replacement cards individually for each of the 50 hands. The Double and Double Half options that are presented after wins on most Playtech video poker games (check our list here), are present here as well, and the double win limit is $2,000. Your winnings from all hands for a given round are lumped together, and that is the amount you may choose to gamble against.

Graphics & Audio

The layout is well-organized and easy read. The playing cards are also large and clear. The overall design is attractive if not a bit dated, but it certainly resembles the multi-hand video poker machines that one is likely to find at the local pub. Use of music and sound effects is minimal but effective.


A royal flush pays out 4,000 coins, which is worth $4,000 at the max coin size. Since you can hit the royal flush on all 50 hands, the maximum jackpot per hand is $20,000. It is also possible to hit the Double limit of $2,000 for a maximum single-round payout of $22,000.


Video poker is a relatively predictable game over the long term, and the 50-hand variant gives players that same benefit but over a shorter span. This variant is not for everyone because it does make the experience a bit mechanical, but it is a great option for those who want to maximize their playing time.

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