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Let's play at Jingle Bells, a 3 reels free online slot

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Jingle Bells Review

One would expect any casino game with a holiday theme to be seasonal. The fact is slot players will play any game at any time of the year as long as the game holds their interest and provides consistent returns. While Microgaming’s Jingle Bells classic slot might seem best suited for the Christmas holiday season, the number and size of the game's possible awards make it a game for all seasons.

As far as the game’s graphics are concerned, Microgaming’s game developers did a great job on both the face of the machine as well as with the game’s symbols. The Christmas golds, reds and greens look exquisite on the face of a slot machine. Even the bell sounds from the spinning reels are befitting the Jingle Bells slot.

Jingle Bells comes with a standard 3-reel game format that includes 5 pay lines. The coin value range goes from $.25 per pay line on the low end, up to $5.00 per pay line on the high end. Based on a max bet of 5 coins per spin, the gambling amount ranges between $.25 up to $25.00 per spin. If the play hits the largest possible jackpot with a max bet, they would win a huge jackpot of $150,000, which would be one heck of a holiday gift.

The game’s primary symbols with the associated multipliers for three symbols on a pay line are as follow: any one mistletoe – 1X (consolation prize), any two mistletoes – 2X (consolation prize), any three bars – 4X, three mistletoes – 10X, three single bars – 20X, three double bars – 50X, three triple bars – 100X and three 7s – 300X. The golden jingle bells serve as the game’s wild symbol. It subs for all other symbols on any given spin.

The jingle bells also serve as the game’s high paying symbol with the right configuration. If the player land three bells on one pay line – 1000X, three bells on two pay lines – 2000X, three bells on three pay lines – 3000X, three bells on four pay lines 4000X and three bells on all pay lines for a full house – 6000X, which represents the game’s highest paying jackpot.

Verdict: In the world of 3-reel classic slots, Jingles Bells stacks up as a decent game due in large part to its festive motif and an extremely large Christmas jackpot that is just waiting to be hit. When all is said and done, this game is truly a game for all holiday seasons.

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Jingle Bells Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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