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Joker 8000 Review

Joker 8000 is a fruit machine with a few unusual features. Like its predecessor, Joker 6000, it has a super-meter, which is essentially a meter that shows how many credits you have in the super game. The super game is a bonus betting feature that you can play on top of your normal betting.

Making full use of the bonus feature is a great way to stack your winnings once you have enough points. Like all fruit machines, Joker has holding and nudging features that give you second chances on combos that are very nearly wins.

Because it has three reels and one payline, rather than the five reels and multiple paylines in other games, keeping track of your combinations is very easy. The theme isn’t very noteworthy, as it uses symbols and fruits comparable to any other pub slot or fruit machine, but its bonus feature more than makes up for what it lacks in aesthetic appeal. Try this game if you love fruit machines but want bonus features to break up the monotony.

You can bet as little as $0.10 or as much as $100 on a single spin. The top jackpot is set at 8,000 coins, hence the game’s name, and the second largest jackpot isn’t much smaller. You can switch your betting levels across five different tiers as you play, creating ample opportunities for you to use progressive betting strategies. The maximum bet in the super game is $20, but that is with points acquired through play with your own money.

The symbols in Joker 8000 are pretty standard: There are fruits like melons, lemons and cherries; and there are also bars, crowns and jokers. A typical winning combination is three of the same symbol across the sole payline, and there are 27 winning combinations in all.

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Joker 8000 Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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