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Crazy Chameleons is a video slot machine by Microgaming that’s available on both its standard and Quickfire platforms. The game is a lighthearted affair that tells the story of two crazy chameleons vacationing on the beach for some fun in the sun. In addition to a green chameleon, the symbol set includes a tidal wave, the sun, seagulls, Bermuda shorts, surfboards and the standard poker icons.


Crazy Chameleons has five spinning reels and five paylines (to play at this kind of slots click here). Coins range from 0.25 to 5, and the machine allows just one coin per payline; therefore, the minimum bet is 0.25 and the maximum bet is 25, which is actually quite high for a machine like this. The menu is located horizontally at the bottom of the play area. The plus and minus keys adjust the coin size, and Select Lines sets the payline count. When the proper stake is set, the Spin button starts the game.

Special Features

To see the combinations, payouts and special features, click the View Paytable option. The wild symbol is the only special feature in Crazy Chameleons, and it can substitute for any other symbol, including the green chameleon to form a jackpot combo. Some players may feel cheated by the lack of specials, but it’ll be a breath of fresh air for others. The payout table is straightforward like a fruit machine (click here to join the fruit machines section), and that’s very unusual for a video slot game in this day and age. Note that while it’s possible to meet multiple win conditions on a single payline, Crazy Chameleons only pays out on the highest one.

Graphics and Audio

The theme of Crazy Chameleons is intended to be carefree and perhaps a bit zany. In order to accomplish that atmosphere, the developers have chosen a cartoonish motif. It works very well overall and is quite colorful. The design won’t blow you away, but it will engage you. The music and sound effects are of good quality but perhaps not diverse enough, and some players will prefer the mute feature.


Any combination of five green chameleons and wild tidal waves on a single payline will trigger the jackpot, which is 5,000 coins regardless of the bet size. At the maximum coin size of 5, the jackpot is worth 25,000, which is quite impressive. The second and third most valuable symbols, the sun and seagulls, are worth 3,000 and 2,000 coins, respectively, at five across.


Crazy Chameleons is not particularly flashy or among Microgaming’s most innovative slot machines. It does, however, get down to basics in a way that few video slot machines do. If you enjoy the simplicity of pub-style slots but the pizzazz of video slots, then Crazy Chameleons is the game for you.

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