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Joker Poker is Playtech’s take on a video poker game often called Joker’s Wild. As the name suggests, jokers are present in the deck and can help to form winning hands. To offset that advantage, a player needs a pair of kings or better to win anything at all


The default Joker Poker coin size is $1, but the machine accepts coin sizes ranging from $0.05 to $5. The machine also accepts one to five coins per hand. The player can set this value using the Bet One button, and the pay table will indicate how many coins are on the line by highlighting the appropriate column.

When playing five coins, the minimum bet is $0.25 and the maximum is $25. We would not recommend playing at less than five coins. What many online video poker machines do is take some off the top of the lower jackpots and add those shavings to the top jackpot, and that is the case here.

When the stake is set, click the Deal button to begin. The machine will deal five cards face up and then the player has the opportunity to dictate which cards to hold. Click deal again and then the machine will replace any of the cards that were not held. At that point, a hand is determined, and if it has a value listed on the pay table, the player wins that amount.

Special Features

After any win, the machine provides the player with a 50-50 opportunity to double the winnings or half the winnings. If the player accepts the bet, the machine deals a card face up and four cards face down. The player then chooses one of the facedown cards in the hopes of beating the value of the face-up card.

Graphics & Audio

Video poker machines have a standard look, and this is not it, which may alienate purists. Otherwise, the pay table and cards are very readable, which is the most important thing. There is no music, and the only sound effect is cards being dealt.


At five coins, the jackpot for a natural royal flush is 5,000. At the maximum bet of $25, that jackpot would be worth $25,000.


Joker Poker plays fast and it is a decent enough alternative to Jacks or Better. We do prefer the purer video poker aesthetic, but this is not a deal-breaker. In addition, since we usually play with max coins anyway, the adjusted pay table is not a big deal.

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