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Jungle Jim Review

Jungle Jim is a five reel slot that only has 15 paylines. The theme is based around the jungle in which Jim goes on adventures and deals with big cats, snakes, spiders and piranhas. Coin values range from 1 cent to $5, with a maximum of five coins per payline. The most that you can win on a spin is 4,000 times your trigger wager. There is also a free-spin round that is linked to a great bonus game. This is one of the best online slot games for players who enjoy five-reel slot games but who do not want to have to activate 40 paylines in order to get a jackpot.

The coin denominations in Jungle Jim range from 1 cent to $5. When you choose a coin size, the size must remain consistent across the other paylines, and it is that coin size that will ultimately determine the size of any jackpot you hit. You can bet as many as five coins on each of the 15 paylines, so you can bet at a higher maximum than in most multi-payline games.

The jackpot in Jungle Jim is 4,000 multiplied by whatever your trigger bet is. You can also win more money through the bonus round and free-spin game, but the primary jackpot is capped at 4,000 times your wager. The smaller winning combinations pay out starting at half the size of the jackpot and get smaller in descending order of symbol rank.

Jungle Jim’s bonus game is different from those in other five-reel games. Instead of automatically giving you free spins as soon as you hit enough scatter symbols, this game puts you through a bonus round first. How you do in the bonus round affects how many spins you get and at what rate your wins are multiplied. The most that you can win in the crocodile bonus game is 10 free spins and a multiplier that quintuples how much you win on each spin.

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Jungle Jim Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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