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Crazy Crocs


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Also known as Crazy Crocodile, Crazy Crocs is a 3-reel “fruit machine” developed by Microgaming as part of its classic slot series. The game has 3 spinning reels, a single payline and a jackpot that’s worth as much as 4,000 coins on a 3-coin play.

Basics - Gameplay

The easiest way to play the game is to click the Bet Max button, but that requires a $15 bet. If you’d prefer a smaller bet, use the plus and minus keys to choose a coin size: .25, .50, 1, 2 and 5. Then use the Bet One button to choose the coin count, which is indicated by which paytable column is highlighted. Crazy Crocs allows you to play one, two or three coins. Note, however, that the paytable doesn’t scale evenly, and the best odds available require you to bet three coins. Click the Spin button to begin.

Special Features

Crazy Crocs offers some special features that are related to the crocodile symbol. Firstly, it pays out whenever one or two croc symbols are on the payline. This happens often and ensures that you never go long without winning at least something. The second feature allows you to win with three crocodiles on the board, regardless of where they are. Three crocs on the line hits the jackpot, but if one were off-center, you’d still win up to 1,000 coins because the special would kick in.

Graphics and Audio

Graphics and audio are solid but they’re inspired by the electronic nature of 1990s pub-style slots rather than the classic casino slot machines that Microgaming is best known for. The reels are very easy to see and read, and the game will paint a red line to highlight any winning combinations.


With a one-coin bet the jackpot is 1,000 coins; at two coins, it’s 2,500 and at three coins, it’s 4,000. The odds at three coins are only marginally better than at two coins but significantly better than at a single coin. We’d advise all bettors to spin at three coins, which requires $0.75.


Microgaming’s Crazy Crocs is not an exceptional slot machine, but it’s certainly a strong option to have in your regular rotation. A chance to win $1,000 with just $0.75 on the line is quite good and not to be overlooked. If you prefer to bet less than $0.75, however, you’ll find better options elsewhere in Microgaming’s classic series.

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