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Lucky Barstard Review

Slot machine lovers with a sense of humor will get a kick out of playing the You Lucky Barstard online slot game. This slot game was created from a classic British fruit machine design that has a great retro feel players will love. This cheeky little game will give players laughs at the same time that it fills their wallets with winnings. Keep reading to discover everything there is to love about Lucky Barstard.

This online slot game brings to Internet players the joys of the classic three-reel slots like these, that players have enjoyed in brick-and-mortar casinos for decades. There are three reels of action in the game, but there is only one pay line awarded. This simplified design is a welcome relief from many of the overwhelming Internet slot games of today that have too many reels and pay lines. It is a welcome change to be able to instantly determine if you win or lose on a spin.

Although there is only one pay line on Lucky Barstard, there are lots of prizes to win. In fact, the maximum jackpot on this slot game is 10,000 coins. That is a big enough jackpot to get the attention of any slots lover.

One of the neatest features on this slot game is the Nudge feature. This allows players to simulate the nudges that they can make on a physical slot machine. It can turn a losing spin into a winning spin when players can master the nudging technique. It takes good timing, which players will need to practice a while to develop.

Another bonus feature that players can use to turn a losing spin into a winner is the Sneak Peak feature. This cool little feature allows players to move the reel down to the next slot to gain a winning combination. This is a rare feature that players will quickly grow to love.

The bonus round in Lucky Barstard is particularly exciting. When players get awarded a bonus round, called a Lucky Bonus, they have the chance to increase their prize up to 250 times the amount of the original winning spin.

Slots players who are fans of value betting will really enjoy playing this online slots game. If they don’t want to bet a whole coin on a spin, players can bet a value range of coins. These value range spins range from 0.05 to 0.5 of a coin, which can really stretch out a budget player’s bankroll.

Players who are looking for a fun game that showcases the classic slot machine vibe should give Lucky Barstard a spin. They will find it an entertaining game that combines classic three-reel play with a bit of attitude to give them a whole lot of fun.

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Lucky Barstard Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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