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Imagine you are an archeologist of the early 20th century, and you have just been commissioned to explore newly discovered ruins in Egypt. You find a passageway leading deep underground that eventually opens into an untouched and unknown pharaoh’s tomb.

You know that extraordinarily vast riches await you in the tomb, but this pharaoh was very clever. Before his death, he hid away all of his gold, gems and other treasures. Anyone who wishes to make off with the treasure can only do so by playing three games.

This is the premise of the Pharaoh’s Gems instant game, a three-in-one game that takes place in a newly discovered pharaoh’s tomb. For a chance at the pharaoh’s treasure, you must first place a wager. The more you wager, the higher the jackpot. Wagers start at only 0.10 credits.

The first game in Pharaoh’s Gems is the pharaoh’s chest. If you open the chest and find a jewel inside, then it is yours to keep. The jewel is valued at 500 times your wager.

In the second game, you must reveal the secret symbol in any of the three jars resting beneath it. The jars are all adorned with the golden burial masks of the pharaoh. To play, you must first reveal the secret symbol. Once the symbol is displayed, you can check inside the jars one at a time. If you find a symbol that matches the secret symbol, you win a jackpot equal to 2,000 times your bet.

The third game is the big one. This game uses a large bust of the pharaoh himself. However, the bust is hollow, and inside may be his greatest treasure. If you open the bust and find the treasure, your winnings jump by 5,000 times your original stakes.

It is possible to win more than one of the pharaoh’s games, and you have a chance of winning all three for the grand prize jackpot of 7,500 times your bet. If you bet only 5 credits, that would put your winnings at 37,500 credits.

The Pharaoh’s Gems instant win game is exciting, and the riches of Ancient Egypt are eloquently displayed. However, if you cannot wait to see what is inside, all you have to do is click the button to reveal all.

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