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Phileas Hog Review

Microgaming deserves a great deal of credit for always finding new and innovative ways to make standard fruit and bar slots interesting and unique. In the case of the classic 3-reel slot title Phileas Hog – International Globe Trotter, Microgaming includes several of its most popular 3-reel features, all rolled into one game.

An enthusiastic hog with a fine suit and top hat in tow hilariously represents the game’s mascot. He is on a round-the-world quest to gather as much money as he possibly can. The background is represented by international tourist landmarks such as the Big Ben clock in London.

The game format comes with the standard 3-reels and 5 pay lines, which gives the player many more possible combinations to shoot at. The minimum allowable wager is $.10 per pay line with a maximum wager of $10.00 per pay line, making the high-end wagering range per spin $.50 up to $50. With a maximum coin jackpot of 2,000 coins times the amount wagered, the highest potential jackpot on Phileas Hog is $20,000.

The game’s standard symbols are represented by typical fruits symbols like cherries, lemons, oranges, sevens and bars, plus a gold pocket watch, suitcases, globes, hot-air balloons and the Phileas Hog, which is the highest paying symbol at 2000X the amount wagers. If the player is looking for a wild, scatter or bonus symbol, they will be looking a long time because there aren’t any.

Phileas Hog – International Globe Trotter does come with three extra features. The first is a bonus feature of sorts. After each winning spin, the player is given an opportunity to play a double or nothing gambling game. If they choose to gamble and win, a window opens to a wheel of fortune bonus spin that comes with lots of extra prizes. The hold feature allows the player to place on reel on hold and re-spin one time for a better outcome. The nudge feature allow the player to move one reel ahead one cell in hopes of landing a better outcome.

Verdict: It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a classic slot with so many features. While it will never create the same level of excitement found when playing a top 5-reel video slot offering, it actually provides a nice changes of pace if the player want to lower their risk and speed up the game playing process. The graphics aren’t much to speak about, but the game still warrants some consideration because of potential payouts.

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Phileas Hog Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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