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Pick ‘n’ Switch Arcade Game Review

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Pick 'n' Switch Review

Not all games of chance have to include sophisticated rules and payout calculations. In fact, some gamblers enjoy playing arcade style games where the game-play process is fast and the possible returns are easy to anticipate. Such is the case with Microgaming’s arcade game called Pick ‘n’ Switch.

Visually, Pick ‘n’ Switch is rather attractive with its bright colors and clear graphics. The game screen includes the wagering area and five cylinders where balls are going to land. Prior to the start of the game, the player is required to place a bet ranging from $.10 to $100.00. Based on the pay-table, the game’s largest possible return would be $10,000, which is pretty decent for this style of casino game.

After the bet has been placed, the player clicks on the play button. Immediately, five colored balls (blue, red, yellow, green) fall though an invisible tube onto the top of the five designated cylinders. The objective of the game is to match all five balls of the same color. If successful, the player earns a multiplier that will be multiplied times the amount of the wager to determine the player’s winnings.

After the initial deal of five balls, the player will have the opportunity to hold balls of the same color and re-deal the remaining balls. During each game, the player will have the opportunity to re-deal three times. Strategically, they will always want to go with the color that has the best representation. As an example: The player might decide to start by keeping two red balls. On the re-deal, they might get three yellow balls and decide to switch colors. At all times, they need to get five of the same color for a win.

The payouts are as follows: five blue balls = 2X multiplier, five red balls = 4X multiplier, five yellow balls = 10X multiplier and five green balls = 100X multiplier. There are no wild symbols or other objectives for the player to concern themselves with.

Verdict: While this game might seem primitive by today’s standards, the fact is it could be a nice little gaming option for players who are looking for something with a fast pace and decent returns on the high end. $100 a hand could get expensive for players on a tight budget, but the chance to play for long periods of time at a lower price is well with the realm of possibility.

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Pick 'n' Switch Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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