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Rock Paper Scissors Review

Developed by Playtech, Rock-paper-scissors is a simple experience that lets players wager on the classic game: rock beats scissors, where scissors beat paper and paper beats rocks.


Bet amounts in Rock-paper-scissors ranges from $0.10 to $1. The object is to choose either rock, paper or scissors and hope that the computer, which chooses randomly, makes an inferior selection. Each round, there is only a 33 percent chance that the player wins, but since ties are a push, there is also only a 33 percent chance that he or she loses. Single-game wins pay out 1.9, and the stake is returned. Therefore, if a player bet a $1 and won, he would get his dollar back and an additional $1.90.

Rock-paper-scissors also allows players to bet on a winning streak rather than a single game. The available streak lengths are two, three and four. Betting on a streak does not increase the commitment, so bet amounts still range from $0.10 to $1. What changes, however, is the payout. The payout is 8.7 at two games, 26 at three games and 78 at four games. Therefore, on a $1 wager, a two-game streak pays out $8.70, a three-game steak pays out $26 and a four-game streak pays out $78.

Graphics & Audio

When it comes to slot machines, Playtech is known for its unique style and great attention to detail. That isn’t really the case here, and it does feel as if maybe the developers mailed this one in to some degree because Rock-paper-scissors won’t likely ever be a high-profile game for the company. The user interface is certainly serviceable, but the design is uninspired, and the gong sound and looping background music had us hunting for the mute option on our second bet.


The jackpot for the standard game is a $1.90, and a player can win as much as $78 on a four-game winning streak. Playing four games at a time is the ideal way to play Rock-paper-scissors, and even at the minimum $0.10, it will pay out $7.80, which isn’t bad at all.


Rock-paper-scissors is exactly what most players will expect it to be, and it may be worth trying as a brief diversion, but there probably isn’t enough here to maintain a player’s attention for long. That said, for a no-skill game, one could do a lot worse than having a chance at $78 for a $1 at these odds. Do you want to play at more scratch cards games? Point your cursor here to visit our dedicated page.

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Rock Paper Scissors Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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