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Rock the Boat by Microgaming is a classic pub-style slot machine that has a single payline and three traditional spinning reels. The theme of the game is Elvis, “the King of Rock and Roll,” and his music being played on the water. “Rocking the boat” was a popular theme in Elvis Presley movies, and it lives on in spirit aboard Elvis-themed cruises. Rock the Boat slots tries to capture some of that magic.


Available coin sizes range from $0.25 to $5.00. Players can opt to wager one or two coins, which means that while the minimum bet is $0.25, the maximum bet is $10. The player indicates the number of coins in play by clicking either the left or the right column of the paytable.

The main menu is at the bottom of the play area. The plus and minus buttons dictate the coin size. The Bet One button has the same effect as clicking on a paytable column. The Spin button starts the round. The Bet Max button configures the maximum bet and then initiates the round.

Special Features

Rock the Boat features six unique symbols: guitar, bar, double bar, triple bar, lighthouse and Elvis. The guitar has an “any one” and “any two” special feature, which means that it pays out with just one or two guitar symbols on the payline. The game also has an “any bar” feature, which means that the machine pays out on any combination of single, double and triple bars on the payline.

Elvis is the jackpot symbol but also the wild symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol to form a winning combo. The wild also has a built-in prize multiplier. If a winning combo uses one wild, then it pays out 2x, and if it uses two wilds, then it pays out 4x.

Graphics and Audio

Rock the Boat uses a simple 2D graphics style and a spinning reels animation. The music and sound effects only play during the spin and are of casino quality. All sound can by disabled by clicking the mute button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


Rock the Boat offers just a single non-progressive jackpot, and since the jackpot symbol is the wild symbol, the multiplier isn’t in play on the jackpot. At one coin, the jackpot is 800 coins, and at two coins, the jackpot is 1,600 coins. At the maximum bet, the jackpot is worth $8,000.


Rock the Boat is a classic pub-style slot game at their best. The game is fast, simple and fun, and it boasts high-quality production values. Payouts scale evenly across the board, so bettors should feel free to use any stake size without worry of throwing away odds.

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