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Bundle in the Jungle


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Bundle in the Jungle is a pub-style fruit machine with a bonus game and some other features that you won’t typically find in a three reel slot. The game uses a jungle theme in which lions, gorillas and other beasts strive for superiority. Though it is technically a fruit machine, most of the icons are not types of fruit; however, almost everything functions the way that it would on traditional fruit slot. In addition to the normal game functions, there is a Hi/Lo bonus feature in which you get multiple 50 percent chances to win. While most three-reel games have five or six symbols, this one has nine, so you are bound to see more wild combinations than you would otherwise. The maximum jackpot is $30,000, making this one of the highest paying three-reel slots anywhere.

Most fruit machines lack a bonus game, but Bundle in the Jungle has one that gives you bigger prizes with each level that you advance to. The Hi/Lo game is on a single reel that is superimposed on the map. You can choose to keep your initial prize square, or you can gamble again for a chance at a bigger prize. In a sense, every gamble is like flipping a coin.

There are advantages and disadvantages to there being more symbols than in a traditional fruit slot game. While the likelihood of hitting individual combinations is slightly diminished by the extra symbols, there are also more ways to win. Also, there are more special symbols than in a pub slot. The best symbols that you can get are the lion, gorilla and alligator respectively. In addition to the typical holding and nudging bonus feature that other fruit machines have, this game has a multiplier that lets you win more on spins.

You can bet a maximum of $10 on Bundle in the Jungle, putting it in the upper range for three-reel slot games. The top jackpot is $30,000, so you win 3,000 times whatever your trigger bet is. The multiplier adds to this maximum jackpot, but it comes around frequently enough to make a significant difference. Regardless of how much you bet, the trigger bet-to-jackpot ratio is higher than most games.

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