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The Gee Gees Review

After looking at the game screen, one might be correct to assume the classic slot game The Gee Gees is a take off on the famous Australian singing group known as the Bee Gees. In Microgaming's world, there is one very important difference. The Gee Gees are a group of three singing and dancing horses. Now that might seem like a strange idea, but the game seems to work in spite of the fact it is only a fruit machine in spirit. What's really nice about this game is the musical soundtrack behind the bonus game.

The Gee Gees is played with a simple 3-reel game format that includes 1 pay lime, a bonus game, holds and nudges. The applicable betting range is $.01 to $10.00 baed on coin values that fall in the same range. With a nice ultimate jackpot of 2,000 coins, a possible return of $20,000 is usually enough to satisfy players at pretty much any level.

For the most part, the game's symbols are represented by icons usually found on fruit machines. They include (with multipliers): three cherries - 1X, any three 7s - 2X, three single bars - 4X, three double bars - 6X, three triple bars - 8X, three blue 7s - 10X, three horseshoes - 20X, three gold 7s - 50X, three watermelons - 250X and three sparkling diamonds - 2000X.

The key to gaining entry into the bonus games is the 7s. Anytime the player lands any three 7s on the pay line, they light up one of eight spots on the Gee Gees trail. Once all eight spots have been lit, the player is taken to a disco floor where a dancing horse boogies around the dance floor and lands on spots that return extras to the player. These extras include holds, nudges, free spins, cash prizes and re-spins. The player keeps going until they hit the symbol that stops the game.

Holds are nudges are available as a means for the player to manipulate the reels, hoping for a better outcome. Holds allow the player to hold one reel while re-spinning the other two. Nudges are used to move one reel forward one spot at a time, up to four times on a particular spin.

Verdict: The Gee Gees figures to be popular with disco fans and people who love horses. The bonus game and huge $20,000 jackpot create plenty of excitement, making this a game worth considering from time to time.

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The Gee Gees Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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