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Game Over-View

Anytime that gaming software developer Playtech decides to use a popular feature film as the basis for a video slot game, the players are usually in for a real treat. Such is the case with the 3D video slot game "The Mummy," which was derived from the 2001 version of the movie starring Brandon Frasier and was in fact the first movie based game from Playtech.

Right from the start, the player is going to see that real innovation and work went into this game. The outlying motif is a well-designed representation of an Egyptian treasure box. Most of the video features come from the movie and the audio soundtrack is nice and appropriate. Aside from being an attractive game, the fact it comes with nine separate bonus features make the game very appealing.

Game-Play Features

The Mummy has a basic five reel, 25 pay line game format. The game is targeted mostly towards novice players as evidenced by the fact that the minimum bet is a standard $.01 per pay line with a maximum wager of $5.00 per pay line. The standard symbols are represented by items such as guns, the Mummy's treasure box and Egyptian artifacts. Additional icons are represented by characters from the movie, including the two main explorers played by Rachel Weisz and Brandon Fraser, the high priest, the Pharaoh’s cheating wife and the Scorpion King.

The wild symbol is the Mummy, which only appears on reels 2-4 and substitutes for everything but the scatter symbol (Mummy logo) and the bonus symbols (Mummy Hunt, Free Games). The game comes with a low variance and a high payout of 10,000 coins times the wager for five of the Brandon Frasier character.

Special Bonus Features

As indicated above, The Mummy comes with a total of nine different bonus games, each one creating different ways to pick up extra cash.

Lost City Bonus Feature - This one can be triggered randomly anytime during the game. The player gets an opportunity to keep picking from six boxes for cash prizes until they hit the "collect" box.

Lost City Adventure Bonus - Part II - Each time the player plays the baseline Lost City Adventure bonus game, it unlocks one of eight other bonus feature symbols that begin appearing on the reels with each one adding a different characteristic. These characteristics include collapsing reels, expanding wilds, additional wilds added to the reels, multipliers, free spins and freezing reels. There is also a "super spin" feature, which give the player one spin with up to nine additional wilds added to the reels.

The Mummy Hunt Bonus Feature - This is the last of the nine bonus features. It is initiated when the Mummy logo appears on reels one and five simultaneously. When this happens, the player walks through the tomb, going left or right, and makes winning cash selections until they hit a dead-end and get ambushed by mummies.


As interesting as this game is, players can get kind of loss with all the different bonus options. Otherwise, this is a terrific game to play if hitting big payouts is not the primary goal.

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