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The first thing that caught the attention of this reviewer was the cute game title assigned to the Track and Field Mouse classic slot designed by Microgaming about 9-10 years ago. In fact, the game-face is filled with cute caricatures of mice running around in a stadium. With that said, the cute theme doesn't contribute much to making this slot game any different than many of the other classic slot games created by Microgaming around the same time.

Track and Field Mouse is built around Microgaming's win-spins concept. The game's first tier comes with 3 reels and 1 pay line. The betting range is the same as the coin value range, which is $.10 to $10.00 per spin. At the high end, players are playing for a maximum jackpot of $5,000.

The tier one symbols and affiliated free spins are as follows: cherries - 1 free spin, lemons - 2 free spins, oranges - 3 free spins, bars - 4 free spins, plum - 5 free spins, watermelons - 8 free spins and the mice - 10 free spins. On the second tier, the player sees 3 reels and 5 pay lines. The symbols and affiliated multipliers on this tier are as follows: cheese - 1X, stopwatch - 2X, track shoes - 5X, Olympic torch - 10X, gold medal - 25X and the track mouse 500X. If the track mouse lands on reel two between two other symbols, the player is rewarded with a random number of free spins that occur automatically.

As usual, players will have access to holds and nudges while playing this game. If the player gets a random hold, they get the chance to lock one reel and re-spin for a better result. If they so choose, they can bank their hold until the next spin. When random nudges are offered, the player gets the chance to nudge any one reel forward one cell, trying to create a better outcome. The number of nudges is determined on a random basis.

Verdict: Regardless of how generic this game might seem, it will still put a smile on the player's face because of the cute game face. The one thing that might make them frown is the limited payouts.

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