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Only a game developer at Microgaming would come up with the idea to design a classic slot game around Irish pirates. Whether they ever existed or not, Treasure Ireland combines traditional themes like pirates and Irish symbols. With a game screen that includes lots of zany pirates dressed in green on a pirate ship, players might have difficulty holding back their laughter.

Treasure Ireland is a classic slot game that comes with 3 reels, 1 pay line and a bonus game. In line with most of the other classic slots developed by Microgaming, this game's coin values range from $.10 at the lower end with a maximum of $10.00. Since players can only wager one coin at a time, the betting range is the same. With a maximum multiplier of 500X, the largest possible jackpot is $5,000.

The game's primary symbols, with corresponding multipliers, are represented by the following icons: four leaf clovers - 1X, skull and crossbones - 2X, bars - 4X, glasses of Irish beer - 8X, 7s - 10X, parrots - 20X, pirate ships - 40X, treasures chests - 80X and pirates - 500X. There is also a map symbol that attaches to other symbols on a random basis and acts as a scatter symbol.

Once the player has landed three maps over as many spins as necessary, they get the opportunity to play the Treasure Ireland bonus game. As a light spins around a secondary screen with 12 spots, the player has to click when they want the light to stop on a spot. The object is to keep winning prizes (nudges, cash bonuses and free spins) and avoid the question mark. At any time the player can claim their winnings. If they push the envelope and land the question mark, they lose everything they have accumulated.

The game also comes with nudges and holds. Nudges are used to move one reel forward one space at a time, up to four times. Holds are used to lock any one reel while the other two reels go through a re-spin process. In both cases, the player is trying to improve on the original spin.

Verdict: Experienced Microgaming classic slot players have seen this format time and again. The thought of Irish pirates is a cute idea. With a rather restrictive pay scale, players have to be willing to gamble during the bonus games if they want to accumulate any significant winning. The game is ok, but not great.

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