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Aces & Faces


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Aces & Faces is a popular variation of classic Jacks or Better video poker, and this version by Microgaming does a stellar job of recreating that pub-style video poker experience. Before playing read gambling rules and strategy of Jacks or Better prepared by team.

About Aces & Faces Poker

Aces & Faces is a Jacks or Better variant. When it comes to Jacks or Better variants, it is generally a matter of shifting odds. In the case of Aces & Faces, full house and flush hands pay out a tad less so that four aces, kings, queens and jacks can pay out more than a four-of-a-kind otherwise would. Over the long term, the change is a wash, but in the short term, it can allow for bigger wins.


The pay table has five columns, and the player can choose to play one through five coins. Microgaming video poker usually provides a bonus for five-coin royal flushes that makes it hard to bet anything less than five coins. Here, however, the pay table scales evenly starting at two coins, which makes it a nice option for low rollers. The deal button begins a round, and the draw button initiates the second phase. After a winning hand, players can choose to collect or double their winnings.

Special Features

The double feature provides the player with an opportunity to double their winnings at the risk of losing it. In this configuration, ties go to the machine, so there is a house edge, and it is not exactly a 50-50 bet. Nevertheless, the gamble feature can be a good option for the person playing for fun who wants a shot at winning big. The machine even allows you to double again after every successful double.


The jackpot is awarded on a royal flush. When one, two, three, four or five coins are played, the jackpot value is 500, 1K, 2K, 3K and 4K coins. Five-coin wagers range from 6.25 to 25, and at the maximum bet, the player can win as much as 20,000 without factoring in the double feature.

Graphics & Audio

The Aces & Faces video poker game by Microgaming employs a sharp, matter-of-fact style that emphasizes readability. The authentic sound effects are limited to audio cues, and the machine does not play music or other unnecessary sounds.

Overall Impressions

Generally, there is not a lot of difference between the video poker variants made by a particular developer. Aces and Faces is an exception, however. The player can play two coins per hand without sacrificing any odds at all. When on a limited bankroll and looking for some video poker games that will help you pass the time, you cannot do much better than Aces & Faces.

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