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Aces and Eights


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Microgaming is one of the leading developers of online video poker machines, and its video poker series includes nearly every known video poker variant, including Aces and Eights.

About Aces & Eights Video Poker

The original video poker format is Jacks or Better, also called Draw. Many of the Draw variants differentiate themselves by bumping the value of four-of-a-kind at the cost of value elsewhere on the pay table. In Aces and Eights, the bump in value goes to four aces and four eights. Unlike some variants, such as All Aces, Aces and Eights is just a tweaking of the pay table rather than a drastic difference. In fact, Jacks or Better still breaks even, and two pair provides a return on your wager.


Use the plus and minus buttons to choose the coin size, which can be as small as $0.25 or as high as $5. Then use the Bet One button to cycle through the number of coins to wager. You can bet as many as five coins, and wagering less is a bad bet because the best odds are available at five coins. When you are ready to begin, click the Draw button. The game deals five cards, and then lets you choose which cards to hold, including all of them or none of them. A second deal ensures you have a full five-card hand, and then the game determines whether you have won or lost.

Special Features

If the hand won, the Double button will activate, and that gives you a shot to double your winnings at the risk of losing it all. The Double game is essentially Hi-Lo, and it is a 50-50 proposition because ties are a push. Many players always choose to double on a break-even win, such as Jacks or Better in the case of Aces and Eights, because the double is 50-50 with no house edge.


The big jackpot of 4,000 coins is awarded for a royal flush on a five-coin bet. At the maximum bet, the big jackpot is worth $20,000. On the smallest five-coin bet possible, $1.25, the jackpot is $1,000.

Graphics & Audio

The pay table is large and clear, and it takes up most of the screen, leaving just enough room for five easy-to-read playing cards. The easy-to-use menu is just below the play area. Music and sound effects are kept to a minimum, but there is a mute option for those who prefer no sound at all.

Overall Impressions

Aces and Eights is an enjoyable video poker game, and it works well as a change of pace for the Jacks or Better player who does not want to deviate too far from the classic payout structure. Have you ever played before Jacks or Better game? If not you might want to read Jacks or Better strategy and rules.

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