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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas will be rebranded Virgin Hotels

Published on August 29, 2019, 12:41 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The termination statement was announced after the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas was purchased by sir Richard Branson in February 2018. Such decision was made in connection with the upcoming rebranding, which should be completed by 2021, after which the casino and hotel will again be open to visitors under the new name of Virgin.

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas
Image from Virgin Hotels by

Acquisition of Virgin

The 24-year-old hotel was acquired by Virgin Hotels, founded by a 69-year-old British businessman in 2010, together with a group of partners, including an investment firm from Los Angeles, a company called Juniper. According to the Canadian online casino Bao, reconstruction will begin in stages from February 2020, but will soon be stopped for a while, due to the upcoming Super Bowl and president elections in 2020.

Bosworth statement

Richard Bosworth, chief executive officer of Hard Rock / Virgin Hotels, in a recent statement announced that the construction schedule has been revised.

According to the last amendment, it was decided to close the hotel for 8 months to complete all work, instead of phasing out its activities for 4 months. This is necessary in order to ensure opening in February 2021 on time.

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas promises to be one of the most exciting and anticipated hotels to open in Las Vegas in recent years, so the hotel management cannot let guests down and do not provide hospitality services on time.

Richard Bosworth (chief executive officer of Hard Rock / Virgin Hotels)
Richard Bosworth (chief executive officer of Hard Rock / Virgin Hotels)

Retention efforts

The Las Vegas Review-Journal conducted a survey and it was revealed that about 1,650 employees worked in this hotel before rebranding, and in order to keep them at its headquarters during major reconstruction works, it was decided to provide them with wages for 10 weeks after closing hotel for repair. Those employees who want to stay and work under the new leadership will not need to be interviewed, and they will automatically be enrolled in Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.

According to Bosworth's statement - they are making every effort to ensure that older employees do not leave their posts and return to work after rebranding. This program is called “Stick Around And Come Back".

Reconstruction plans

According to preliminary estimates, the total cost of the overhaul of the hotel will be more than $200 million, which is $50 million more than previously announced.

In November of this year, new partners will be announced who will provide the hotel with gambling, nightlife, food and drinks. The re-equipment and repair of the exhibition hall, which was opened in 1995, will continue until the end of the year.

Previously agreed bookings, such as Adult Entertainment Expo / Adult Video News and Harman JBL during CES, will remain unchanged.

Major repairs will include relocation of the Central Bar to free up additional space in the casino. Also, the new bar will be given a new name. The premises of the night club will be increased by 3,000 square meters, where famous DJs for night events will be invited in the future.

Richard Branson talking about the new Virgin Hotels building

Increasing project scope

Aa stated by Bosworth, the deadline for the start of work was moved to the beginning of 2020 according to the constant improvements that are being introduced into the project. They do their best to ensure that guests do not feel uncomfortable due to the extended deadlines, especially on the eve of the upcoming Super Bowl of 2020.

It is also worth noting that the hotel will participate in the Hilton Honors loyalty program. According to the owner of the Hilton, Virgin Hotels after rebranding will become the largest hotel in the world, with more than 1,500 hotel rooms and an area of ​​more than 110,000 square meters.


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