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The Casino Mobile Era (From the Beginning)

Published on August 5, 2019, 9:16 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Mobile gambling is a phenomenal that has been around for slightly over a decade now. Throughout this period, it has undergone constant innovation and improvements in graphics, sound output and control functions among other factors.

One of the earliest mobile-based casino software to hit the market was Playtech, which was launched in 2005 as a reliable and user-friendly platform available to everybody with a smartphone device. This gaming system was developed to be compatible with nearly all types of games, including poker, slots, bingo and fixed odds, so that players can have a wide variety of gaming options to choose from just like in a real casino.

Playtech mobile gambling

Currently, a large number of casino sites are still using Playtech to support their smartphone based games, since it allows for easy integration with the software used in most mobile casinos.


The popularity of smartphone gambling was also occasioned by the development of Microgaming, which is the brain child of Martin Moshal. This app became a leading pioneer in providing download and Flash game versions for mobile casinos, so that they can be relevant in the digital world.

Furthermore, the company offers a wide variety of progressive jackpots for mobile players, courtesy of their connected network. Recently, they also partnered with Spin3 brand from the Spiral Solutions Company to provide clients with more advanced smartphone games. The partnership led to development of Microgaming Spin3, which is a popular play software for some of the largest phone casinos available today that attract millions of players.

This system has allowed for even more games than before to be relocated to smaller screens, in order to reach the much wider mobile audience. Some of these casinos games include world-class examples like Thunderstruck 2, and newer options such as Game of Thrones Slot which is both smartphone and tablet’ compatible.

Thunderstruck 2 online slot - mobile session
Thunderstruck 2 online slot - mobile session

Apart from Microgaming, phone-based betting was also powered by CryptoLogic which played a huge role in developing the technology needed to support mobile based games, as well as financial systems for processing payments.

Development of mobile betting

During its onset, this technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today and in fact the games available were fairly limited. The software available wasn’t as functional as it is today, taking into consideration that it was still an upcoming gaming trend.

However, as more casinos stated getting involved, the industry began to grow into what it is now. The mobile gambling sector became more competitive, as different casinos started to develop gaming features that would attract the most smartphone audience. They began offering huge bonuses for new players, while some also introduced loyalty plans for their most loyal mobile customers.

Due to such endeavors, the general standards of the phone gaming software began to improve across the industry, and even more casino offerings were introduced to cater to the new and considerably large audience base that was starting to come up. Some of these new offerings included progressive jackpots, multiplayer modes and themed slots that rapidly grew in popularity, thereby making the industry even more popular heading into the new decade.

Nevertheless, despite these improvements some people were still not convinced that pay by mobile casinos was secure enough, and feared that things could be manipulated behind the scenes to result in unfair gaming results. These fears were soon put to rest as more and more people began winning big through their smartphones and tablets.

Soon afterwards, live casino mobile games were introduced to cater to the phone market, it allowed players to watch real-time video feeds of croupiers and dealers. A trend that grew to become incredibly popular, so that today most mobile gamers prefer playing live games rather than their graphic-based counterparts.

Trends to expect in the future

As mobile casinos continue to harness the latest technologies, coupled by the increasing popularity of smartphones, phone gambling will open up new gaming opportunities for more people even those found in rural areas, where there’s no access to brick & mortar casinos. This phenomenal is also being supported by the increasing cheapness and improved functionalities of mobile phones, which continues to make mobile gambling even more accessible and attractive to the phone audience.

To summarize, mobile gaming is a new trend that began in the mid-2000s with the launch of Playtech software, but it has since grown to become a popular activity across the world as it offers players a convenient way of accessing their favorite casino games from any location.


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