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How the Rise in Technology Has Transformed the Live Casino Industry

Published on September 28, 2019, 1:50 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Live casino industry - The technological rise over years

The rise in technology has modified almost every aspect of daily life, and the casino industry, especially the live casino industry has seen huge advances. This relentless advancement in technology has revolutionized live casinos in ways that we had never imagined.

The casino has been around for quite a time, and gambling itself can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire era.

From 100 A.D when we used to playing cards, to rolling a dice, then to a community of casinos and betting shops, the gambling world has undoubtedly experienced radical changes.

How did the industry evolve?

Although gambling has been around for a while, it took a dynamic turn around the 1970s when a gambler named Harry Ogden made a huge fortune from a bookmarking deal. He managed a racecourse business, and after studying the field a long time, he discovered that it's more profitable to lay odds on individual odds than two propositions.

May 1961 witnessed a vast boom in the betting world when Government legalised the opening of betting shops. And surprisingly, within six months, 10,000 new betting shops had opened. Since there was nothing like technology during that time, betting shops received odds through wire services. The trend lasted until the 80s.

Inside a betting shop - from the short film 'betting' (1976)
Inside a betting shop - from the short film ‘betting’ (1976) – courtesy of British Pathé

Casino technology - What's happening today?

Nowadays, casino technology has gone past planning dull casino games online. The unprecedented height reached by the industry allows players to play casino games on their mobile devices on the go. What's more, players can securely deposit and withdraw money through an online casino.

And with reputable casino game providers pioneering online sites, the experience keeps getting better every day. This has paved the way for many exciting casino games that utilize the newest technology to offer an incredible gambling experience.

The technological rise has seen an increase in High RTP games that deliver excellent graphics while providing attractive bonuses to boost gameplay.

But is that? That's not all………..

Virtual reality, a current buzz in the gaming world, has finally found its way into the casino industry. Top game providers, Microgaming and NetEnt, have established casino games that leverage virtual Reality, like NetEnt's Gonzo's Quest.

Although Virtual Reality in the gambling world is at its preliminary stage, it has gained massive traction among casino lovers from all over the world. VR is undoubtedly the future of Casino. And with the huge advancements in technology, VR casinos may soon become a main stay in the iGaming world.

The rise of Encryption technology in Casinos

Irrespective of people's favorite casinos, a considerable part of its credibility is because of their website's reliability. That's why most top casinos use encryption technology to offer personal and financial security to user's information.

Malicious agents have been known to steal user's data. To alleviate this risk, providers developed encryption technology that features a 128 bit security level. It is safe and strong encryption that malware and hackers cannot penetrate, steal information, or at least not so easily. With so many large companies having data breaches, it is now more popular than ever to stay secure online.

Console Technology

Many players know that live casino-playing against the real dealer - is available at most high caliber online casino websites. Although the live streaming technology is incredible, it is the console technology that delivers the breakthrough.

The console technology is behind the placement of real bet on the blackjack table or the physical roulette via your smartphone or computer. The tech works seamlessly.

Connected Jackpots technology

Software developers have facilitated the world of the jackpot by connecting games across different countries and casinos. That way, the prizes can develop into a large amount of cash.

Globally, the highest record for an online jackpot stands at around £20 million ($25 million). That figure is expected to grow as soon as more games are connected across more countries and casinos.

Tailored offers

As gamblers play at casinos more often, the data casinos gather on them enables the operator to tailor casino offers to each player. Thanks to cookies, pixles and other web based tracking information; casinos can even see what you are doing online, even when you aren’t playing there.

Cookies are stored in web-browsers and keep track of users activity
Cookies are stored on web-browsers and keep track of users activity and preferences to send the most tailored offers (they can be deleted or disabled)

Small data and big data

So, you love to play roulette? Or is slot is your favorite game? Casinos can now tailor your gambling experience by keeping track of your Likes and dislikes.

It's a big advantage, for example, to give you a promotion based on your favorite genres, unlike offering you free chips and spins for games you don't even play.

Optical Character Recognition

As opposed to just being just a live stream of a casino game, optical character recognition technology makes the game more interactive. OCR can read and understand all images and data available on the table while processing like video game data. From placing the ball in roulette to card dealing in blackjack, OCR sends the results to players through the live video stream. Players can bet on their smartphones or PC and get the same great experience across all devices.


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