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It would be a shame if players avoided a slot game like Legacy simply because it's considered a fruit or bar machine. If such is the case, they are missing out on an opportunity to win big dollars in a 3-reel environment. Through the years. Microgaming has developed a robust selection of classic 3-reel slots. While most of the games have familiar themes and motifs, Legacy seems to stand at the top of the group due in large part to its jackpot structure and elegant motif.

Legacy is played with a standard classic slot matrix that includes 3 reels and 5 pay lines. Based on its betting limits of $1.00 per line on the low-end and $25.00 per line on the high-end, this game might have some appeal for high-rollers. In fact, novice players and beginners might want to gain more experience playing slots before moving on to a game like this with its high-risk, high-reward structure. Regardless of who decides to play, the max bet of $125 per spin is a hefty sum to risk for people with limited resources.

When is comes to actually playing the game, there is nothing complicated about the rules. The game's primary symbols are represented by the single bar (10X returns), double bar (40X return), triple bar (80X return) and the seven with its 160X return. The capitol "L" wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols.

Anytime the player gets one wild as part of a winning line, they receive a 2X multiplier times the winning amount. Should they land 2 wilds as part of a winning combination, they will receive a 4X multiplier times the winning amount(s). Should the player land three wilds on one pay line, a 1000X multiplier is used times the bet.

Incrementally, each additional line filled with wilds will lead to higher multipliers. The game's biggest jackpot is earned if the player lands, a full house of wilds. In that case, they win a magnificent payout of 2400X the bet, which translates to a maximum of $60,000 if the player made a $25 bet.

Verdict: Normally, classic slots belong on the lower end of the pecking order when it comes to selecting exciting, lucrative slots to play. However, Microgaming's Legacy classic slot deserves consideration if only for the opportunity it provides to score a big jackpot without having to jump through a myriad of bonus games. With a elegant visual presence in the offering, there is much to like about this particular 3-reel slot.

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