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Crazy 80's Review

Crazy 80's is one of Microgaming’s five reel, nine payline video slots. Since it is themed after the trends and fads of the 80's, this slot’s color scheme is done in a gaudy combination of neon greens, blues, pinks, purples and yellows. The maximum bet and the jackpot sizes are comparable to those seen in other five reel games with nine paylines; they aren’t as high as in some of the games with more paylines, but they are significantly higher than those in three-reel games. The game has fewer symbols, which has its pros and cons. The most glaring difference between this game and other five-reel games is its lack of a bonus game. You may enjoy Crazy 80's if you want a slot with a five-reel game’s payouts and a three-reel game’s pace.

The minimum bet for a spin is one coin of 25 cents or more. Coin sizes range from 25 cents to $5, and you can only bet one coin per payline. Betting $5 on each of the nine paylines brings the maximum bet up to an even $45. With a $45 bet, you can win as much as $25,000. Alternatively, you can win almost $3,000 with a single coin.

If you are used to playing five-reel games, you may notice the absence of a multiplier symbol in Crazy 80's. While not having a multiplier may lower the average size of each payout, you will win more frequently because there are fewer symbols on each of the reels. The end result is a playing experience in which your winnings are dispersed across more small payouts rather than a few large payouts.

There is not a bonus game in Crazy 80's, which is a double-edged sword. Bonus games typically require more of your attention, sometimes penalizing you for errors in judgment or strategy. A slot without bonus games, on the other hand, allows you to get more uninterrupted spins in per hour. More spins per hour means more chances at hitting the major jackpots.

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Crazy 80's Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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