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Jacks or Better 4 Line by Playtech is an online casino game that is similar to classic Jacks or Better, with the exception that you play four hands at a time. Before you play read Jacks or Better strategy guide.


Coin sizes range from $0.05 to $5, which you adjust with the plus and minus buttons, and you must choose to play one through five coins per hand, which you can set with the Bet One button. Since you are playing four hands per round, any bet will be multiplied by four. Therefore, if you choose the $1 coin size and opt to play five coins per hand, the total bet will be $20. The minimum overall bet is $0.20, and the maximum overall bet is $100. The pay table scales evenly for the most part, but as with most Playtech video poker games, there is a significant bonus for royal flushes on five-coin wagers.

Special Features

The Jacks or Better 4 Line game deals you a single five-card hand. You must then make hold and discard decisions for those five cards and then those choices will be mirrored in the three additional hands that are layered behind the primary. Click the Deal button to continue, and the game will then deal replacement cards for each of the four hands independently. Hands are won or lost individually, but winnings are collected into a lump sum. After any hand in which you have won anything, even if the hand is a loss overall, the game will offer you the gamble options of Double and Double Half. The maximum amount per hand that a player can win doubling is $2,000.

Graphics & Audio

Playtech takes a unique approach to video poker design. Most developers emulate pub-style machines, but Playtech usually embraces being a Web game, which is the case here. We prefer the traditional style, but this layout is well-organized and highly readable.


The maximum hand jackpot is 4,000 coins for a royal flush, which is worth $20,000 at the maximum coin size of $5. Since you can hit the royal flush on all four hands, the top jackpot is $80,000. It is also possible to hit the Double limit of $2,000 for an overall single-round payout of $82,000.


Single-hand video poker can be a tad slow. The prevalent multi-hand variants play 25 or 50 hands at a time like in this version, which is much faster but can make the whole process feel mechanical. We think four hands will be a sweet spot for many players because it plays fast but still provides that close connection to your playing hands.

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