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Reel Thunder Review

Reel Thunder is one of the highlights in Microgaming’s video slot series, which tend to be basic 2D experiences that have five reels and nine paylines. Reel Thunder rises above that simplicity, however, to deliver a memorable experience. The theme of this game is hogs, both literally and in the motorcycle sense, and all the trappings of a California roadhouse that has all the comfort food you’d ever want.


Reel Thunder has nine lines and lets you choose how many to activate. Each line allows for a single coin, and coins run from $0.25 to $2. Therefore, the big bet is $18. To start a spin, set the wager and press the Spin button or just use the Bet Max button. The game has a dozen symbols altogether, two of which represent special features, and most of those pay out with just two or three adjacent items.

Special Features

The motorcycle engine symbol is a scatter symbol that pays out up to 50 coins whenever three or more of the symbols are anywhere on the reels. Most of the slots in this series have a multiplier on the wild, but this one doesn’t, and that added payout potential is added to the standard jackpot instead. The winged heart is a wild symbol that can stand in for anything but the scatter and appear anywhere on the reels.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics used here are quite good for basic 2D images, and Reel Thunder has an overall polish that most of the games in this series don’t have. The music and sound effects are also enjoyable and diverse, but the game does have a mute option for those who prefer to play without.


The hog is the jackpot symbol, and it pays out 10,000 coins at five across. At the max coin size of $2, the line jackpot is worth $20,000. Being able to win $20k on a $2 bet or $180k on an $18 bet is what makes Reel Thunder so popular many years after its initial debut.


Reel Thunder is fun and fast-paced, and it pays out quite well. The special features here are a nice bonus but mostly irrelevant, which isn’t a bad thing. You can feel comfortable betting $2 on a single line for a chance at $20k. If you’re a low roller, play just a quarter, and you still have a chance to walk away with $2,500. For more 5 reel slots, please refer to this page.

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Reel Thunder Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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